The synthesis difference between stapled peptide and the normal linear peptide lies in being introduced the two non natural amino acids containing a-methyl and a-alkenyl in the process of solid phase synthesis.Then the two non natural amino acids occur olefin metathesis cyclization to form stable a-helix conformation of the carbon to synthesize stapled peptide.
Below,the red coloring depicts a peptide with helix, and the green coloring mean the hydrocarbon staple. Rendering based on PDB 4MZK. A stapled peptides with multiple, tandem staples are sometimes referred to as stitched peptides Peptide staple is used to enhance pharmacologic performance of peptides.
The synthetic route of stapled peptide :
Bankpeptide always adheres to the customer first business philosophy. Through accumulation of long years experiment, constantly optimization of the synthesis conditions and the purification technology, we already have a mature method of stapled peptide synthesis to provide highquality stapled peptides fully meeting the needs of customers in different kinds of research and development area.
Each peptide is shipped with a Document of HPLC and MS data for free. Other test datas can also be provided according to customer demand . Peptides are packed with ice bag and desiccants during shipment and storage. After opening, we recommend peptides are stored dry in a freezer (details given in our technical guide to handling peptides; a copy is shipped with each peptide).

a.What is the minimum quantity for a peptide?

The minimun for one peptide should be 1mg, and there is no maximum quantity for a peptide at Bankpeptide.

b.Which kind of solvent should I use?

According to your needs, the peptides can often dissolved in water, DMF,DMSO, and PBS Buffer.

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