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It is possible to seize the future commanding heights by capturing future signals from the pain points of market demand and realizing the landing of application scenarios from technological breakthroughs.

Forklift trucks take off goods from shelves and put them on conveyor belts. Machine arms are sorted orderly. Small dumpers come and go along established routes. On the big screen of the monitoring platform of Beijing East Headquarters Command Center, the unmanned warehouse is in full swing and the fully automatic scene is impressive.

"There are two ways to innovate, one is to first have technology, and then extend new business; the other is to use technology to solve new requirements and problems in business lines. We chose the latter." Yang Haiming, head of R&D strategy of Jingdong Group, summed up the innovative way of Jingdong. Indeed, from automated warehousing and logistics in unmanned warehouses, unmanned sorting centers, to unmanned aerial vehicles wrapped in villagers'hands across mountains and rivers, to unmanned supermarkets supported by face recognition, identity authentication and online payment... The intellectualization of retail, logistics and supply chain not only demonstrates the "unbounded retail" in Jingdong's eyes, but also demonstrates the possible future of retail infrastructure providers along this innovative channel. From "technology retail" to "retail technology", the change of word order also means the step of innovation.

The core of supporting this future retail system is two business departments in Jingdong, one is called "X", focusing on hardware development and scenario application of intelligent logistics; the other is called "Y", focusing on research and development of intelligent supply chain. To a certain extent, these two departments have formed a "coordinate system" of innovation, relying on each other and helping each other, not only to meet the market demand for applications to promote technological innovation, but also to stand at the forefront of technology to expand the boundaries of application. Like the "unknown variables" represented by "X" and "Y" in mathematical sense, innovation is a process of triggering the unknown with the known and creating the known with the unknown. It can be said that the spiral upgrading of technological innovation and product development is also an important "innovation logic" for enterprises committed to the use of new technologies

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